One More Meeting. Really?

I know. I know. It boggles the imagination that another slot on your calendar should be sacrificed for a meeting. It’s a big deal. In fact, Megan McInerny—in an excellent talk on project leadership—describes the calling of a meeting as one of the “single most violent acts” you can levy against another human being. You’reContinue reading “One More Meeting. Really?”

Healthier Ministry May Require a Different Rhythm

Lead Pastors, tell me if this sounds familiar: You seek the Lord. You gain a sense of direction. You develop an approach. You implement. And then carry a nagging sense that the impact was less than you’d hoped. Here’s one of ministry’s unchanging truths: our efforts are not the agent of life-change. But that’s notContinue reading “Healthier Ministry May Require a Different Rhythm”