Something We Already Know

Patience wins the day. The file showed up, exactly where we’d hoped and with the proper @ tags for staff next steps. Specifically, it was the weekly study questions for our connect group leaders. Previously it had been distributed via email attachments, produced as a blog post and uploaded to our app and then storedContinue reading “Something We Already Know”

One More Meeting. Really?

I know. I know. It boggles the imagination that another slot on your calendar should be sacrificed for a meeting. It’s a big deal. In fact, Megan McInerny—in an excellent talk on project leadership—describes the calling of a meeting as one of the “single most violent acts” you can levy against another human being. You’reContinue reading “One More Meeting. Really?”

This one is funny. Seriously.

Probably difficult to get an accurate count on the number of books, courses, and talks aimed at the interaction of creatives | presenters and those that support them. Here’s a video you’ll love, from the ops side of things. If the link fails you, search for “Piano Guys Studio C.”  You’re welcome. For more principlesContinue reading “This one is funny. Seriously.”

Healthier Ministry May Require a Different Rhythm

Lead Pastors, tell me if this sounds familiar: You seek the Lord. You gain a sense of direction. You develop an approach. You implement. And then carry a nagging sense that the impact was less than you’d hoped. Here’s one of ministry’s unchanging truths: our efforts are not the agent of life-change. But that’s notContinue reading “Healthier Ministry May Require a Different Rhythm”